Rock and competition climber

4th stage in EYC; Linz, Austria

Yet another good competition completed, for the organizers at least. I am not satisfied with my own performance this weekend, and there are many reasons for that. But all in all the competition was great  organized, though our finale had a bit too hard sequence 2/3 up the wall. Five girls fell at the same move, and because of my bad result from the qualifiers I started as number 4. I used quite some time up, because none of the girls in front of me had gotten so far. Which meant it was probably hard. Because of my time I ended up 5th in stead of 4th. The top three girls managed to stick the move I fell on, but they went with the other hand and got established on the hold, which seemed odd to match.. I was sure that my solution was the right one, but I guess I was wrong this time. Anyway, the routes were good, the show was great and I had a good time. I really learned a lot about my self in this competition, and that is what I like the most about competition. Bad competitions aren’t fun, but it sure gives you a lot of motivation and experience!

After this lazy rest day in rainy Innsbruck I’m ready for some good training sessions here and in Imst!!!

Sorry, no pictures this time.

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