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China tour

China tour

Twelve days in a country I had never been and always wanted to go. Wujiang, Shanghai and Xiamen were the cities we visited. The team was me and my coach Nicki and with us was Sweden’s Hannes and Netta from the Israeli team.

Wujiang was the first comp. I had just recovered from a two week long cold and did not know what to expect. Only two sessions in two weeks is not what I call the perfect preperation. It was a brutal start with our first qualifiers, but the second was better and I was ready to fight and climb my best in semis. Sadly I managed to slip off with my foot early in the route and got one of my worst results this season. But at least I felt good and I was back in the game.

Shinta Ozawa

Five days in Shanghai followed with training, sightseeing and being tourists. I love to explore and spent a lot of time walking the streets of this big and fascinating city. We ate good chinese food and found our favorite – the hot pot. But after five days of big city life it was nice to pack up our stuff and get into comp mode again.

Xiamen was a new city, but we never had the time to explore it. The weekend was all about the comp and bad weather and delays made our free time very limited. I caught a new cold a few days before the comp and with a hectic schedule I decided to save my energy for semis that followed only a few hours after qualifiers. Because of bad weather the semis was pushed to noon the next day.

After not feeling so good during qualification it was nice to get a good warm up and put up a proper fight in semis. I was happy with my climb on this incredibly hard route and being in a big lead it was frustrating to get the round cancelled. I am very happy that I was able to climb and manage to turn bad into good, but I would love to see the rest of the girls on the semi final.

Eddie Fowke @ The Circuit climbing

I wrote some thoughts about how we athletes were treated this weekend on my Instagram, you can read it here

I am not going to say much more about it other than I was very disappointed to travel all the way to China and get the chance to fight for finals taken away. I appreciate all the feed back I got on my IG post, which has all been positive. Criticism is difficult and does not come easy for me, but in order to make things change for the better it has to be done.

Now I’m home and I love being back in training mode. It’s been a long season and every time there was time from comps to train I chose to go on a rock climbing trip, but this month I’m staying home to put 100% into my preperation one last time this year. I have five comps coming up in November and December and the world cup is the most important one. I also have Nordic championship in lead and boulder and the Norwegian championship in lead and boulder.

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