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Competition climbing is the part of the sport which inspires me the most, and there for also means the most to me. It is frustrating, but yet, still the most motivational part. And this is what makes it so fantastic – one single competition makes up for all the bad and frustrating sessions you have during a year. Training and competing is a big prosess I find very fascinating. To complete the “perfect” competition is something I am trying to achieve. But it is hard, because there is ALWAYS something you could have done differently and better.

I started competing in 2007, and since then I have travelled around the world to do what I love. I believe that competing a lot, also in different arenas and categories, gives me more experience, and makes me a better climber and athlete. Until now I have prioritized youth competitions, but as I am an adult now, I will continue my journey in the World Cup circuit.

I would like to thank my local climbing team, the national team, sponsors and others who help me to do the things I love – train, compete and travel. I am grateful for your support!


A year struggling with mononucleosis

A year filled with injury and sickness prevented me from competing

2nd EYC lead, Stavanger (NOR)
3rd European Youth Championship lead, Imst (AUT)
7th World Youth Championship lead, Central Saanich (CAN)
14th World Cup lead, Imst (AUT)
17th World Cup lead, Kranj (SLO)
18th European Championship lead, Chamonix (FRA)
Norwegian Champion lead, Molde

1st EYC lead, Kranj (SLO)
1st EYC lead, Imst (AUT)
1st EYC lead, Moscow (RUS)
2nd EYC lead, Edinburgh
3rd EYC lead, Voiron (FRA)
Ranked as #1 junior in the world
Overall winner European Youth Cup
Adult Nordic Champion in boulder, Copenhagen (DEN)
Adult Nordic Champion in lead, Gothenburg (SWE)
Norwegian Champion lead, Stavanger
Norwegian Champion boulder, Tromsø

3rd World Youth Championship lead, Imst (AUT)
2nd EYC lead, Veliko Tarnovo (BUL)
2nd EYC lead, Imst (AUT)
3rd EYC bouldering, Merano (ITA)
12th World Championship overall ranking , Arco (ITA)
Adult Nordic Champion lead, Stavanger (NOR)
Adult Nordic Champion bouldering, Turku (FIN)
Junior Nordic Champion lead, Stavanger (NOR)

6th EYC lead, Kranj (SLO)
8th EYC lead, Vienna (AUT)
Senior Nordic Champion lead, Helsinki (FIN)
Junior Nordic Champion bouldering, Stockholm (SWE)
Senior Norwegian Champion lead, Sogndal

Other achievements
Nordic junior Champion, 2008 and 2009
French junior Champion, Serre Chevalier, 2009
Norwegian junior Champion, 2007, 2008, 2009
2nd Norwegian adult Championship age of 14
Numerous victories in national competitions since 2007 (both senior and junior)

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