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Disqualified in Valence

This weekend was spent in Valence, France for the second last world cup this year. I was very lucky to go with the Swiss team as I was the only Norwegian participating. It’s okay to go alone, but it’s way more fun to go with a team.

The weeks after the last WC in Belgium I spent at home to focus on training. I felt tired and weak from all the traveling during the first part of the season, so some weeks in the gym was exactly what I needed. Even though being home was nice, competitions are what I like the most, and I felt more than ready for Valence. But once again I had some bad luck against me.

Qualifiers on Friday went okay. I was unlucky to slip off in my first route and in the second I climbed well, but fell a couple of moves too early. It wasn’t a very good result, but enough for semi-final which meant I could forget about the qualifiers and focus on the next route the next day. Warming up for the semi felt way better than yesterday, but once again I was kind of unlucky… My climbing felt good already from the first move and things felt right. In my flow and my own world, I stepped out in the side wall for a rest, and once my foot touched the wall I saw the black tape which marked the wall off. Because of that mistake I got disqualified and ended up last in the semi-final. There was a gap between the two walls and it was hard to see the tape as it looked like it was a part of the gap. I know I should have thought about it twice before stepping out, but once you’re in the flow the movements and decisions are impulsive. I was ordered down from the wall, and my opportunity to climb my best semi-final was over. For this time at least. I have one more international competition this season, and that means only one more chance to get it all out  ★

Beautiful Valence

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