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European Bouldering Championship

On Saturday and Sunday the European youth championship in bouldering was organized in the beautiful city of Grindelwald in Switzerland. This might be the most beautiful place I have ever been and it felt good to be back at the competition arena.

Even if this was a big competition, it didn’t mean that much to me because I’m currently in a training period and prepering for the lead season. But I still had the privilege to go and I had a lot of fun. Qualifiers with 8 boulders were on Saturday and about 30 competitiors were competing in my category. I managed to finish off four boulders on two too many tries for making finals. Once again I wasn’t too happy about my performance since I made some silly mistakes. I was surprised by how technical the bouldering style was, and I think it’s great to see the girls who prioritize and training for boulder comps are the ones who makes finals and perform the best. I ended up placing 7th in the end, which isn’t too bad, although I should have been in finals 🙂 (Luckily) our flight back got cancelled and I managed to get two lead sessions before heading home yesterday evening; one at Magnet in Bern and one at Milandia in Zurich. I love the gyms in Switzerland and I had a great weekend!

It’s also worth mentioning that Thilo, one of our new team members, secured a norwegian spot in finals where he ended up placing 4th in his first international bouldering comp!!!

This was my last competition before the real season kicks off in Chamonix in about 1,5 month. My summer plans are starting to look like something and I’m really psyched to finish school and focus on training and competitions. Two more exams and one month left!!!

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