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European Championship in Chamonix

The first comp is over and the season has officially started! This past weekend the European Championship was organized in beautiful Chamonix and I got to compete on both days as I qualified for semi-final.

My two qualifiers were both pure endurance, but still a lot of fun. I topped out the first one quite easy and on the second I got close to the top, but as I’ve focused on strength and power over the last six months my general endurance isn’t that much to brag about… Luckily it was enough for making it to semi-final the next day.

As the goal of the semi is to split 8 finalists out of 26 climbers, I knew this route was going to be hard. And so it was! The route was straight forward with big moves on mixed holds and bad foot holds. I really liked the style as it was more powerful than the qualifying routes. I got about 2/3 up the wall, and I’m happy that I got to climb as much as I did. It felt hard and uncomfortable all the way, and I missed an essential heel-hook on the move I fell, which caused me a couple of moves. But I ended up placing 18th in my first adult European Championship, and even though I could have done better, I’m satisfied with a good first comp of the season. I look forward to more adult competitions, qualifying routes and hopefully semi-finals before the youth championships take place later this summer. World Cup in Briancon on Friday is up next!

Full results at!comp=1443&cat=2
More pictures at 
And props to Magnus for making it to finals and placing 6th! Go Norway!!! 🙂

in action with Mont Blanc in the background. photo: by Jimmy Aunet


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