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European Youth Championship in Imst

This past weekend I competed in the European Youth Championship in Imst, and even though it was a youth competition, the level was still high as several of the World Cup climbers were competing. I had a good feeling throughout the whole week before, so I was really excited.

Being one of three with a double top in qualifiers put an extra pressure on me before finals on sunday. Because of the world ranking I was the one who were going to climb last and that excited me a lot. I was looking forward to compete and fight against some of the best girls in the world, but unfortunately I messed that opportunity up…

Team Norway at the opening ceremony - always fun to travel as a bigger team 🙂

Qualifiers on Saturday felt really good, and so did the warm up on Sunday. I was excited and I was ready. Our route was looong, so I decided to climb a bit slow in the beginning to save some energy. I knew that det austrian Magdalena had run up and topped in just a few minutes, but I wasn’t aiming for the top. I just wanted to get as high as possible. I climbed through the beginning quite easy, and the next part quite easy as well. Got a rest before the roof and started on the roof sequenze without being close to tired. And then I got stuck. As I was going to clip, the rope had folded into my shorts and I couldn’t get a hold on it. I tried clipping the quickdraw onto the rope, but failed. I was in the same position for 30 seconds just trying to clip, and finally I managed it and leaving the position very tired. Luckily I was able to climb a few more moves which secured my 3rd place, but I was upset and disappointed of my clipping mistake. Though I wouldn’t called it a mistake.

After the comp I’ve thought a lot about what I could have done differently, especially for the clipping situation. To be honest, there is nothing I would have changed. The position was perfect for clipping, but I was unlucky as the rope got stuck to my shorts. I am happy that I managed to get a 3rd place in the European Youth Championship, but I am as well very disappointed that I ruined my opportunity to fight against the best girls and not being able to get everything out.

photo: Lars Ole Gudevang

Following now is three days of training in Imst and Innsbruck together with the rest of the national team, before I head home for a week. After that I will continue with a longer trip with a stop in Imst for the World Cup, a week in Canada for the World Youth Championship and a 10 days pit-stop in Red River Gorge for some rock-climbing on the way back home.

Super excited for my next trip! Stay tuned 🙂

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