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Five weeks on the road

First leg of the season is over! Five weeks on the road, three world cups, one national team training camp and a lot of driving. I decided to do a road trip with my best friend Michaela from the US, and together we met up with different people from the US and Norwegian team.


We spent the first week training in Zurich before the world cup kicked off in Chamonix where I climbed far from my best. I did a mistake in the beginning on one of the routes and this put me far down the result list and outside semi-final for the first time in two years. Luckily I got the confirmation I needed for competing regarding my injured ankle. I’ve spent so much time wondering how it would work in a high pressure situation, and this sure made me more nervous than necessary, but after the comp I could finally stop worrying and focus on climbing.

The world cup in Briancon was only one week later and things felt so much better. I felt a certain need for revenge after last week’s disappointment, as well as last year’s disqualification (I got disqualified because of a judge’s mistake). I managed to complete two good routes and qualified for semi-final, where I belong and should be. In semi’s I didnt’t climb my best and fell too early, but all in all it was still a good competition, and I’m very happy to have succeded in my qualifiers after all the pressure I put on my self.

In Imst, two weeks later, I was very excited to compete as it’s one of my favorite walls and competitions. I have so many good memories from Imst, and I was excited to get another one on my list. Unfortunatly things didn’t go like I wanted it to. In semi’s I slipped off 1/3 up the wall, and this put me last in semi’s. A slip like that is something that just happens, and you can’t really control it. When you do it in training it doesn’t really matter because you can just start over again, but in a competition you only have one chance, and if you slip, you’re out.

Regardless of the rather poor results I’ve gotten, it was still an amazing trip with good people, well organized comps and I gained many more experiences. I am really happy that I’m able to travel and compete like I planned for this year, because my foot has been a struggle, and the season was uncertain for a long time. Now that the first leg of the season is complete, it’s time to reflect and prepare for the World Championship in Spain in one month!


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