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graduation and summer plans

Hello everyone! 13 years of obligated school is completed, and that feels both good and strange. I finished school about three weeks ago and my head is currently in a holiday-mood. Next year is dedicated for training and climbing, and even though I’ve always liked school, I must admit that I’m looking forward to a year with no worries about the next test or things I should do/have done. My three years at one of the best sports schools in the country went by way too fast and I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who made it the best three years of my life! I could never have climbed, traveled or improved as much as I’ve done over the years if I didn’t attend WANG, so I’m grateful to all of you.

As I said I will have a gap year dedicated for training, competitions and rock-climbing. My season kicks off in 10 days with the European Championship in Chamonix and I’m very excited! I’ve trained hard and dedicated the last 7 months with one goal; to make this season the best one so far. I’ve focused on gaining strength and power, as well as improving my maximum endurance. After the championship in Chamonix I’ll stay with the Swedish team for a week before I head to Briancon for the first World Cup. Following is training in Innsbruck, the European Youth Championship in Imst, national team training in Innsbruck, then home for a few days before I head back to Imst for the WC and fly to Canada for the World Youth Championship. On the way back home I’ll have a pit-stop in Red River Gorge, and when I get home it’s already September. I have a feeling that the summer will fly by too fast, but luckily my holiday continues for several more months 🙂

Last Friday I competed at the annual boulder competition at the extreme sport festival at Voss in Norway, and you should check out the video from the comp; If you like base or paragliding it’s worth to watch the whole video, if not, the climbing part starts at 23.30, but I’m not sure if it works outside Norway..

V<3SS. Both pictures by Marie Tamber

One last thing; I’m competing in this scholarship-contest for local cultural talents, and it means a lot if some of you readers can vote for me at this link. You can vote several times, but only once each day 🙂 Thank you to everyone who already voted!

I wish you all a great summer! I’ll keep you guys updates about mine.

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