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My last World Youth Championship

I’m currently in Red River Gorge climbing with my american friend Michaela. But on the way from Canada I wrote a short post about my performance at the World Youth Championship, but because of no WiFi I couldn’t post it until now…

“There is always a question about how honest and personal you should answer questions regarding performance, but now I feel like there is no point of hiding the truth. I am the 7th best female climber at my age in the world, but I have never been more disappointed with a result. I have absolutely no words that can describe my feelings about this year’s World Youth Championship. Which was the last one I could participate in…

I had very high ambitions for this competition, which also put a lot of pressure on my shoulders. Qualifying for finals was all I had to do to reveal that pressure, and I managed to climb the final like I had nothing to lose. Unfortunately I made a mistake half-way up the route, and I fell. Once again too early. I climbed at my very best, but a mistake is something every sportsman does, and you have to risk to be able to win.

Getting one chance to do well is one of the factors I love about competitions. You have one chance to do everything right, and if you do a mistake, you fail. That is exactly what I did, and yes it is painful, but it’s also a big part of the sport and competitions.

First qualifier. Picture by Christian J. Stewart

This competition was my highlight of the year, and the only result I actually cared about. As I’ve said earlier I don’t usually care that much about results as they are only a number and doesn’t necessarily reflect your level and performance, but this championship is something special, especially since it was my last World Youth Championship. This competition was what motivated me on all the tough days I had during many months of hard training. I do love training, but it breaks down the body and you don’t always want be in the gym. But with a season or competition coming up, I still complete every session as it was an essential factor for the upcoming event. Because of that, my preparations and attitude makes this year’s championship even more devastating. I did everything right throughout the whole competition and period of preparations, but one tiny mistake ruins the one chance you got.

Even though it is painful right now, I know that I will learn a lot from this week-end and I will get back. It was my last World Youth Championship, but it’s certainly not my last World Championship.

My one week in Canada is now over, and I’m heading to the US and RED RIVER GORGE! I’ve heard so much about the area, and I’m very excited to see if it’s living up to its reputation and my expectations. I know for sure that it will be fun to climb on rocks and forget about training and competitions for a short period. Though I’m motivated to train, prepare and compete at the rest of the World Cups in Europe. AND the EYC in Norway! :-)”

I’ll stay here in RRG for almost two weeks, so stay tuned for updates!

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