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my US trip

Where to start!? I’ve had such an amazing time in the US with my best American girl Michaela. We had 10 days in Red River Gorge climbing long and amazing routes at different sectors. I was very upset after Worlds in Canada, so this trip was good for me because it gave me time to forget about the competition, relax and have fun by just climbing whatever and whenever I wanted. We ended up with 8 days of climbing and I got to try a lot of different routes. The conditions were far from good as it was about 30-35 degrees and HUMID, but the timing for a trip was perfect. Red River Gorge has been on the top of my “places-to-visit-list” ever since I started climbing in 2006, and since I was going to Canada in the first place, the opportunity was too good to not stop by Kentucky on the way home.

Three of my favorite sectors; Drive By, the Motherload and the Dark Side

I don’t think I could have went with any better person than Michaela. She’s a local. She might live in Chicago, but she drives those 6 hours every week-end and she has climbed more or less every route on her level, which is the same as mine. She sent me up all the classical routes on our level and I had such a good time climbing with her and some of her friends. I didn’t do any remarkable sends, but I on-sighted a lot of routes from warm up to 8a, and I tried some harder ones as well, but because of the high amount of routes on my wish-list it was hard to spend more than 1 or 2 tries on a route. I’m happy that we got to climb as much as we did, but I still have a lot of routes left on my list and some unfinished business, which means I will be back. In better conditions 🙂

Purgatory up in both corners, and in the Madness Cave in two others

We left Kentucky one day earlier than necessary, and this gave us one day of sightseeing and shopping in Chicago. 8 hours by foot felt a lot harder than a day of climbing, but it was a lot of fun. One of the things I love about my life as a climber is that I have the opportunity to see a lot of different places, and Chicago is definitely one of the nicest cities I’ve ever been to.

So yes, all in all this trip was a great success, and I think it’s the best trip I’ve been to. I got to climb a lot, experience the real American redneck culture, have A LOT of fun and see the city of Chicago.

sightseeing in Chicago

Today is my first day at home without school, and I have to admit it feels a bit weird. But definitely good! I’m going to Stavanger on Friday for my last European Youth Cup, before I head home for two weeks of training and different events including a photo shoot with a new clothing collection for Bergans of Norway, before I head to Belgium for the next World Cup. Part 2 of the competition season coming up now, and I’m more excited than ever! 🙂

A selfie-summarize of the trip. Thank you Michaela! You are the BEST! And yes we saw a turtle in the Ketucky jungle. AND a poisonous snake(!!!)

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