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National Champ and Thanksgiving

The 2013 season is officially over and I ended it by winning my third adult national champion title. The competition was organized in Molde and the organizers did a great job. I was especially impressed by all the ladies competing, without them I would never have gotten the Kings Trophy as it requires at least 18 participants. I completed three good routes and I am happy that I finished my season like I wanted. Øystein and Ian, the two route setters did a really good job putting up three cool routes with different styles. I had a lot of fun competing this weekend, but now I’m happy the season is over so I can start train for the next season. But first, it’s HOLIDAY TIME.

happy to stick the off point dyno in the final. Photo by Ulf Hansen

Today is Thanksgiving, and it’s not something we celebrate in Europe. But now that I’m in Florida visiting my family I get to celebrate my first Thanksgiving. So I thought I could use the opportunity to write about what I’m thankful for.

Traveling as much as I do it’s easy to forget how lucky you are. You’re always focused on the next competition, the best possible preparations and relaxing so you don’t get too tired before the comp, so yes, it is easy to forget. At least I do sometimes. But it doesn’t mean I’m not happy about what I do. I feel SOOOO lucky to have the opportunities I have and I am grateful to everyone who makes it possible for me to do what I absolutely LOVE. Today I am thankful to spend the day with my family who I haven’t seen in years, and generally I feel lucky, happy and privileged to live the life I live. I mean, how many other 19 year old girls can travel the world, do what they love and not have to go to school or to have a job to make it happen!?

Three years ago my dream was being a professional competition climber, today it is my profession, and thinking of it feels weird. So much has happened over the last two years with both training, progression, competitions, sponsors, values and goals. I am touched by everyone who believes in me and you all make me work harder every session and every day. I might not reach my goals, but I will be for ever grateful for your support!

As I said I’m currently in Florida, which means no climbing. At all. I will spend these two weeks to relax, reflect on the season and start to plan the next year, which I’m very excited about! When I get back home I will start training again, so this trip is like a transition from 2013 to 2014. It’s hard to say whether or not I need a two weeks break from climbing, but it’s certainly good for my head to do things I normally wouldn’t do and relax. Let the holiday BEGIN!

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