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Nordic Champ x3

As I wrote on Friday I was going to Sweden to take part in the Nordic Championship and try to defend my title. And so I did! I am now a three time winning adult Nordic champion, and that also means I’m currently an undefeated champion, because I’ve won all the adult Nordic championships since I was old enough to compete in the adult category. But it should be said that Matilda, maybe the strongest girl in Scandinavia at the moment, didn’t participate due to a world cup in the States…

The competition was well organized, and the routes were very good! Peter Bosma, our former national coach, was the route setter, and he did a great job! Even though our final route was a bit too easy.. Three girls topped both the qualification routes and the final, so I won because I was the fastest one. In one way it felt good, because I’m usually a slow climber, but in another way it felt wrong. I started as the last one, which was a coincident since five girls had topped both qualifiers. If I didn’t knew that two other girls had topped, I would never had climbed that fast, and if I was the first of 5 girls to climb, I wouldn’t climbed fast either. So even though it feels good to be a champion, the taste of victory isn’t as good as it probably should be. But I am happy about my own climbing and performance, which is the most important part. But I think that in the end the winner should be the one that is the strongest and best climber of the final, not the fastest one!

Anyway, I’m happy about my performance and I will now take a few days off to rest my head. I’m currently on my way to the airport, again. As all of you probably have read in one of the latest post, I’m going to Rodellar today! I have never climbed outdoor as a part of my training, so I’m quite excited, and maybe a bit nervous. I will stay there for almost two weeks, and hopefully get A LOT of climbing meters, before I head home for another three weeks of training and the European Championship in Gemozac, France! Check out the teaser of the competition;

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