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Norwegian Champion!

Norwegian Champion!

Last weekend I won my fiftth title in lead.

Routes set by the one and only Adam Pustelnik and best norwegian setter Martin Mobråten. A good team with great routes. I got to the top of our final, but missed the second to last clip and down climbing felt impossible. Still a climb I’m happy about, and I was also the only person to top our second qualifer which was the men’s first route.

Morten Bøvre

After China I got three weeks of hard training where I put in everything I had one last timethis season. I’m very psyched for my last world cup in Kranj. An arena I always thought suited me well, but also an arena where I never really succeeded. Psyched to see what this year will bring! After Kranj I have two Nordic Championships, lead and boulder, and the Norwegian Championship in bouldering.

Winning this year’s title I realised I have never been beaten as an adult. I placed 2nd when I was 14, but not old enough to officially compete. Since I won my first adult title at 16 I have won every national championship I participated in. I missed three due to injury and sickness.

Highlight of my weekend though, was not my own performance. It was the kids’ I train. One and a half year ago Thilo and I started to train a group of teenagers, and seeing how they succeeded this weekend was inspiring. I love to see how much effort and passion being put into improving and then tested in competition, and the joy of succeeding is priceless!



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