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Season finish

Season finish

Norwegian champion, Nordic champion, vice champion in both championships for boulder and a terrible world cup finish.

These words sums up my last intense period of this long season. I’m very happy I took home gold in the two championships that mattered most, but the last world cup was what I had my eyes on this whole fall. Weeks of training and the world cup was always on my mind. When I didn’t deliver I was really disapointed. My biggest dissapointment of the year. But, it has been an incredible season. Better than expected and I achived goals that wasn’t even on the agenda for this year.

Podium at the Nordic Championship

My season has been full of highs and lows regarding results, but my climbing has been constant and progressivly better throughout these five months. Which is not a guarantee. Most of my bad results are mistakes – beta, foot slip, caught in the rope, semis in China cancelled etc. Mistakes that shouldn’t happen, but still does. And we all do them. Missing finals in Arco was unfair, cancelleling semis in China is the most unfair situation I have ever been in competition wise, and in both situations I should or could have climbed finals. China was especially hard because it was one of my best climbs this year. But I did climb my first and second world cup final this year! Chamonix which was amazing. A day full of impressions that will stay with me a long time. Edinburgh felt a bit more random and the excitement wasn’t as high as in Chamonix, but I also messed up the beginning and that’s the feeling I’m left with. A good result, but another mistake.

I’m very psyched to be starting my winter training in a better shape than I finished it last year AND even better, with no injuries. In january I tweaked my finger and this whole year has been influenced by that. I was able to train hard, but I had to put finger training away and I couldn’t train as much as I wanted with high intensity. It took ten months to recover. With this in mind it’s even more strange to think about how this season exceeded all expectiations.

Full of excitement after climbing finals in Chamonix. Photo by Sheila Farrell McCarron

This was my first full world cup season and I definitely want more. It was also my first season back from my long mononucleosis break, and coming back so much stronger make me feel confident about my descicion from last year – to focus on training. Some times you gotta make though decisions and to put the comp scene to the side was a hard one for me. But now I know that it was the best desicion I could have made.

My off-season is almost finished, sounds weird because I finished my comp season on Saturday. But with these last three comps I decided to put my training to rest and focus more on comp style boulders, so I can start my winter training ASAP. But first two weeks of sun, rock and Spanish oranges!

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