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sLOVEnia – victory and overall winner EYC 2012

Overall winner of the European Youth Cup 2012! I never thought that when I started competing four years ago. I didn’t even think that one year ago, though it was at a time when things were a bit critical because of the injury. Anyway, I am also the official winner of the last stage of the EYC which was held in Kranj, Slovenia this weekend.

After my climbing in finals I was in the lead in front of the swiss girl Amanda because of time. I was quite happy about my performance, but I knew I could have fighted more and gotten a few more moves. I missed an essential heel-hook and fell. But I am very happy about the way I climbed, and it was a nice way to finish the season, even though I could have done better. The Slovenian girl Tina Sustercic was the last one out to climb and she was so strong. She found the heel-hook easy and made the next three or four moves before she fell. Unfortunately she managed to stand on a bolt about half way up and got disqualified. I might be the official winner of this competition, but the Slovenian Tina climbed the best and should have been the one on the top of the podium. Because of that I decided to give her my medal. Her coach found it very touching and so he talked with the organizers and fixed another gold-medal for me, and so we both ended up with each our medal 🙂

The ten days-trip came to it’s end late Sunday evening and the week in Slovenia was a good one!  I went there with the team to participate in the World cup and then the last EYC the following weekend. We decided to stay in Slovenia between the two comps, and we got to do some rock climbing in Misja Pec and train in a local bouldering gym in Skofja Loka – the centre of good climbers in Slovenia.

The world cup was probably the competition I’ve been the most disappointed about ever, but I learned a lot about myself and got some very good experiences to take with me. Climbing outdoors again was nice, but waaay too cold for me. Luckily we had a nice bouldering session in Skofja Loka before the youth comp and that was a lot of fun! I am so impressed by their small, but amazing gyms. All the walls are prepped with (mostly bad) holds and all you wanna do is to climb circuits. It’s endless with possibilities for making boulders and circuits. It is inspiring and impressive that a small country like Slovenia has so many good lead climbers when all they got are small boulder gyms. No other words than WOW.

The season is now over and I am happy about how it ended, though the victory has a bitter taste. But mistake happens and rules should be followed by all athletes. I will now spend some time reflecting on my season. It might take some time, but it’s an important part of competing and being an athlete. I am very excited about next year, and I can’t wait to plan and start training again! More to come soooon!

Photo of the podium at the EYC comp and the overall ranking. Both pictures taken by Zdenka Mihelič. More pictures can be found here

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