Rock and competition climber


I would like to say a big thank you to all my sponsors and partners who let me climb and travel the world and do what I love!

photo by Ryan Waters


Bergans of Norway
The biggest outdoor brand in Norway supply me with what ever I need of high quality and colorful clothes, as well as outdoor equipment such as bag packs, tents and sleeping bags. I am very excited to be a part of the team and represent the brand, as well as their values in the best way I possibly can.



Five Ten
Five Ten has the best climbing shoes on the market, and they have supplied me with climbing shoes since 2009. They work hard on improvement, and their shoes keeps getting better and better. My favorite shoes are Team 5.10 and Dragon.





Through the Norwegian distributor Varri AS I get to climb with some of the best climbing equipment there is. Everything from chalk and chalk bags to rope and quick draws, and it’s all awesome! 



2XU provides me with high technology compression clothes so I can push harder in the gym and recover faster when I’m done.


Apex Klinikken
Apex Klinikken gives me a place to do my training and treats my body when an injury occurs. A perfect partner who gives me both training, injury prevention and treatment whenever my body fails to heal it self. 


The Norwegian climbing federation / Norwegian national team
I have been a part of the National Team since I was 14, and the Norwegian climbing federation gives me the opportunity to travel, compete and represent my country in international competitions such as the European and the World Championship.





Kolsås Climbing Team
My local climbing team. The people behind this team are the people who made it all happen, and they are the reason of why I am doing what I do. They have supported my competition carrier since it all started in 2007, and I have no words of how grateful I am.



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