Rock and competition climber


some time ago I said I will start writing in English, so here it comes;

right now I’m on my way to the airport and my flight for Austria. tomorrow and hopefully on Sunday I will compete in the fourth stage of the European youth cup, and this time in Linz. I have never been there before, so I’m really excited to climb on new routes on a new wall. I’m currently ranked as number 1 in the cup, but I do not consider my self as a favorite to win or even to make finals, because everyone can make mistakes. my goal is to try to complete the best performance as possible, which is hard because there is always something you could have done differently and better 🙂

after Linz I will meet up with Magnus in Innsbruck and be there for a week and just train. after that we will go to Switzerland for some days where I will meet Rebekka from the Swiss team, and then off to France for the first world cup in chamonix and then in briancon. I’m not 100% sure what to do between the world cups, but some days in ceuse or training in a new gym would have been perfect.

my next important competition after Linz isn’t until August, so I hope I will get some good and hard weeks of training in Austria, Swiss and France. for me the world cup is just an area to find great motivation and a lot of experience, which is important for a competition climber. I am really happy about the opportunity to compete in the world cup and to train in central Europe. and even though the world cups aren’t “my arena” I will do my best and have a lot of fun!

right now I’m just glad to leave this miserable and rainy country..

I wish you all a great summer!

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