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The European Championship

After some weeks of training it was finally time for a competition again, and this weekend it was the European Championship in Gemozac, France. All the best climbers from Europe were signed up and that meant it could only be GREAT.

I left with the rest of the team Friday morning, and for once we were actually a quite big team with 5 athletes and one coach. My whole competition was in one day, which meant qualifiers in the morning and finals in the evening. I completed a good qualifier round with a 5th place and a spot for finals!

With the French speaker Christopher Hardy, the atmosphere during finals was amazing. I started out as number 6 and was a bit surprised by how early it got hard and fell before I got tired.. A bit disappointed I watched the rest of the climbers, and in the end we were four girls falling on the same move. I guess this meant I wasn’t the only one that got surprised by how hard it actually was. But two of the three girls who got past it, proved that with the right technique it was possible to do it with less power. Anyway, four girls falling on the same move wasn’t so much fun. Two of us got established and two got a +. Because I had a + and was the fastest, I got the best position of the tie, which also meant I placed 4th in this year’s European Championship.

I am happy about my result, but not too happy about my climbing. In general it was good, but my goal for the competition was to be able to fight and give everything, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to do that, and that’s why I’m not too happy about my performance. But competing against some of the best climbers in the world was a lot of fun and a good experience. The routes and the whole competition were great, as all the other French competitions. And most importantly, I had a great time! For full results check out THIS LINK, and the picture is taken by the French photographer Charles Laury from Check out the rest of his pictures here!

I will compete in nationals this weekend with qualifiers on Saturday and finals on Sunday. The following day I will coach “the next generation”, even though some of them are my own age..  I am quite excited about it, and I hope they will learn a lot, have a good training session and get even more motivated 🙂


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