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the national championship

I just got home from the national championship in lead which was held in Stavanger. This was one of the best competitions I’ve been to in Norway, simply because the routes were amazing and well set, and the competition it self was very well organized. Unfortuntaly the attendance was low in the older categories, but I guess it’s their loss.

Anyway, I won the female category and that also means I got my 7th or 8th national champion-title. Check out the TV coverage from the competition here, I start around 03.52.00.

Earlier today I held a presentation and a training session for a group of 30 motivated teenagers, and I have to admid that it was a lot of fun.  On friday I’m flying to Slovenia for the world cup in Kranj, then we will have a team trip to Misja Pec for some days, and then back to Kranj for the last event in the EYC. I’m still in the position of taking the overall title, but I still have to complete the competition before anything is settled.

I have also made an Instagram-profile with the name tinaajh, and you should all follow me to get the latest pictures from my travels, competitions and adventures! <3 <3 <3

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