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Training, injury and BFF

Some time ago since my last post here, so I guess it’s time for a short update. I restarted my training in mid December after a three weeks break with no climbing. The break was surprisingly good, and I’m very happy to have spent it with my family in Florida. Getting back into training went fast; one week of easy climbing and one week of bouldering, and I was back on the same level I was. This was the first time I had a non-climbing break and it was a good experience for me because it gave me enough time to reflect on my season and plan the next one, which I am VERY excited about!

As I said I got back into training quite fast, and I’m already in my 8th week and in a good flow. Well, at least I was…. My best friend, Michaela from the US team, came on a visit in the beginning of January, but I managed to get injured the first day while bouldering. She was supposed to be here for two weeks and we had big plans for training, sightseeing and fun, but my sprained ankle ruined all of our plans. The only solution was to extend her trip for another two weeks, which she did, and we did get the two weeks we planned in the first place. I had an AMAZING time training with her, and even though being injured wasn’t a part of our plan, we managed to make the best out of it, and I’m back in my good training flow again. Unfortunately alone. Michaela left me this morning, and I have to admit that it feels weird being alone after spending 24 hours a day with her for a month.

So the four weeks we had together was mostly spent in the gym. We also did a lot of sightseeing and hanging around. AND we did an exciting video shoot for my sponsor, Bergans, which will be shown at the national weather forecast (TV2) some time soon. Maybe even this week, so Norwegian readers; keep your eyes open!

I will try to write a post about my plans for 2014 and my training program some time very soon, so stay tuned. A lot of exciting things coming up!!!



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