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VICTORY and semi-final in Imst

So I guess its about time for a new post here… After 10 days at home, I packed my suitcase once again heading to Austria. But this time to Imst, my favorite competition area. It was time for the fifth competition in the EYC. After the last youth cup in Linz and the two world cups I messed up, I was really psyched to complete a good competition, and so I did. The two qualification routes went pretty good, which placed me in second position before finals. I was feeling confident and strong on both Saturday and Sunday, but my climbing was not as good during finals. I was a bit too defensive and slow, trying to do all the moves controlled and clip every quickdraw from the first possible position in stead of the best. I did a tiny mistake close to the top, and even if it was enough for the victory, I wasn’t satisfied. It was a good performance, but far from what I know I can do. But standing on the podium and hearing the national anthem of Norway was for sure a good feeling, and it’s definitely not the last time 😉

After the comp, Jakob and me went to Innsbruck to train for two days. We met up with the other Norwegian athletes who were going to the World Cup the following weekend, also in Imst. Qualification and semi-final were both on Friday. The qualifiers didn’t go so well for me, as I timed out on the second route. But luckely it was just enough for semis, which was a nice surprise after a not so good qualification round. My climbing was very good at the semi, but I sort of messed a bit up.. The first half went so easy and everything felt really good, maybe even too good. I got to a point where I tought I was going to a jug, because I was 100% sure we had the same hold in my home gym, but the hold turned out to be a completely different hold, and as far from a jug you can get. The only similarities was the colors. The hold turned out to be a sloper, and I didn’t have enough tension to hold the undercut and a big, fat sloper, so I fell. I can only blame my self for this mistake, but I truely learned a lot at this competition. The most important thing during this comp was to fix the last competition preperations before the world youth championship in SINGAPORE in less than three weeks .

The finals of the world cup is TONIGHT at 7pm. Check out for live streaming and cheer for Magnus and NORWAY!!! After the finals we will have a national training camp here in Imst and Innsbruck, so hopefully I will get a good and hard week of training. Following up by the start of my last year at school, some more training, departure for Singapore, sightseeing and COMPETITION! Stay tuned!

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