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World Cup in Imst

On Friday I got my first top-20 result in the World Cup with a 14th place. I don’t usually care that much about results, but this was kind of big for me because I’ve often felt I’ve had the level to get a good result, but never really managed to perform well in a world cup. And I still felt I had more to give, which is both a good and frustrating feeling.

All in all I completed a good competition making semi-finals in 18th position. I had a really good first route (2nd qualifier) where I placed 11th, and then I had a terrible second route (1st qualifier) where I missed a hold. I didn’t really miss it, I just went too far, and as I didn’t know the hold I took it the wrong place, and I fell. Way too early. But I was still within top-26, which meant semi-final and a new opportunity.

The semi-final was the same day, so I only had a couple of hours to reset the head and get back to fighting-mode. It was one looong route that looked tricky, hard and pumpy. And so it was. I managed to get half way through the roof, and I got to fight some moves, which is important to me. But I fell because my heel-hook slipped, so even though I was tired, I still felt I could have done a couple of more moves. But all in all I am very happy with my performance throughout the whole competition and I had a really good time. Like always 🙂

Magnus during finals

In a couple of hours I’m meeting up with Jakob and our coach in Frankfurt before we departure to CANADA for this year’s biggest and most important competition; the World Youth Championship. My last World Youth Championship.


Tchüss from Munich 🙂

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