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World Cup in Puurs

I’m back home from yet another competition, and this time the week-end was spent in Puurs, Belgium. The competition was well organized and I had a great time. Qualifiers went quite well and I qualified for semi-finals with a good margin. Unfortunately I slipped off a sloper in semis and ended up with a bit disappointing 20th place. The result it self doesn’t mean that much, it’s actually one of my better World Cup results, but I fell without being tired or having fought one single move. I found the semi-final route up to where I fell quite easy, and even if the move was hard, I should not have fallen there. The move was kind of a jump to a sloper, but when I hit the hold, my hand slipped right off. No stick at all. I was climbing well and controlled all the way, and suddenly I was hanging in the rope. Everything went so fast, and to be honest, I don’t even remember what happened. But I do know that making mistakes and slipping off is a big part of competition climbing, and even if it’s frustrating, I know I have to accept that it sometimes happen.

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to one of my sponsors, Varri, the Norwegian distributor of Petzl and Beal, for financing this trip for me!

I forgot to take pictures, so this is from the comp last year

The first part of the competition season is now over, and this means I have time to train hard. It’s six weeks until my next lead competition, and I plan on training hard and well throughout those weeks. Since the season started in July I haven’t really trained hard, because every session is about quality and preparations for the next comp, and this requires a completely different focus than the focus you have during training periods. So, even if competing is what I like the most, I’m very excited to get some weeks to train and get really really tired, so I can get back into shape for the last competitions in November.

Oh yeah, by the way, the photo shoot for Bergans last week went really well, and you should all check out some of Ryan’s photos on the Bergans’ web site; Maybe I can post some of them here as well 🙂

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