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World Cup in Puurs

I’ve had quite a lot to do lately, especially at school, but here comes the update about the world cup in Puurs last Friday and Saturday. I was very excited to go and to climb on the massive wall that looks more like a cave than the typical artificial wall.

After getting 27th place in Paris, and just outside semi-final, I was very motivated to get in and climb the next round. Qualification routes were on Friday and the routes were very good. One route was pure endurance, while the other was more powerful with long moves. I liked both routes and styles, but my climbing was not the best. Actually, quite far from what I knew I could do. I felt generally tired and my muscles did not work. And not to mention the endurance, it was about twenty moves and then I got super pumped and had to fight the next moves until I fell. It was quite frustrating, because I knew I had been in a good shape for quite a while, but it couldn’t change that much from one day to the next, or could it!? I ended up 26th and just made it to semi, and had a big challenge in front of me; I had to wake up my muscles and get my head back on track in less than a day.

Semi-finals were on Saturday morning, and I was the first one to climb. The weather was rainy and cold, so it was hard to climb like I wanted. But at least it felt better than yesterday and the route was fun to climb. It felt good all the way, until I got pumped and fell. I ended up placing 22nd, which is my best result from the world cup, but I am far from satisfied. When I woke up Sunday morning I felt a bit sick, and the next day I realized I had the flu. I think I can count on one hand all the times I’ve been sick, so I was quite surprised. But at least it explains why I felt so tired and why my muscles and endurance didn’t work as they normally do 🙂 (Picture by Hannelore Smitz)

On Wednesday Magnus and I were filming for a new Norwegian TV show, where we talked about climbing in Switzerland and what we like about the country. The interview was short, but it was a fun thing to do, especially the make-up part. I’m usually pretty simple in my make-up, but it was a lot of fun to get styled and be more girly than usual. (The show will air Wednesday 10th of October on the new channel “Canal 9” for you norwegians out there) After the interview I went directly to the climbing gym where I do most of my training. They had rented a lift to change all the routes on the main wall, and they kindly asked if I wanted to set a route. I don’t have that much route setting experience, but I’ve made a few, so I spent the whole evening in the lift making a new route at the steepest part of the wall. I am quite happy about the result, but it would’ve been even better if it was a bit harder. The owner and the climbing staff are so kind to let me climb for free, and it feels good to do something in return.  If I wouldn’t have climbed for free, I would have been constantly broke.. So I am truly grateful for their kindness!

In some hours I’m leaving for Sweden to compete in this year’s Nordic Championship in Gothenburg. I will try to defend my two times Nordic Champion-title (2010, 2011) in the adult category, but it should be said that some strong girls won’t compete this year… But I am excited to compete, as always, and I will definitely do my best! On Monday morning I will head towards Spain and RODELLAR for the first time!!!

And there is always time for some sightseeing. Here from Mechelen, the city where we stayed in Belgium (I’m sorry that the pictures are all mixed up, they aren’t in the preview, and I’m not sure why it happens or how to fix it…);



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